If you found this from somewhere other than the TW discord or fist.moe; reading the main fist.moe site is not optional even with an english patch.
Current version: 20190915.165103.942

No responsbility is taken for anything that happens from you using this etc.

Basic Information

This is an English Patch for the TW version of MHF.
This is completely against the Terms of Service and as such will always carry a ban risk.
This has been pretty decently tested now and should be issue free.
This doesn't actively write to or read from game memory.
I won't do anything for JP as they are still actively taking payments.

Intended Features

All Menus 1 85%
All Equipment Stats 100%
All Armour Skills 100%
All Decoration and Cuff Names 100%
All Monsters Names Translated 2 100%
All Common Item Names 3 80%

1 Every standard menu is done. The remaining will be slowly or never translated.
2 Quest objectives cannot be translated with this patch method.
3 Will need a few passes to tidy and shorten names. Various mats also still need to be translated at all.

Missing Features

Quest objectives cannot be translated as the server sends them in Chinese.
Flavour text and dialogue is not getting translated.
I'm not touching armours because there's like 10,000 of the things.
I haven't touched devil nightmare maze that is material look up at the smith.


1. Place English Patch.exe in your MHFZ TW install folder.
2. Run it.
3. Run and login to MHF as usual.
4. Your game's in English.
5. Close it after you close MHF to clean up.
Type 'hldeter' into the console window and hit enter or start with the argument 'hldeter' to unlock extra combinations on the combiner.

Private Servers Still Aren't Happening

There is no one is publicly working on one. If you know people who can do it, get them to do so.
I am completely willing to help anyone with packet capturing etc. if they can prove they know what they're doing and that it might lead to something concrete.