If you found this from somewhere other than the TW discord or fist.moe; reading the main fist.moe site is not optional even with an english patch.
Current version: 20191117.231309.867

No responsbility is taken for anything that happens from you using this etc.

Basic Information

This is an English Patch for the TW version of MHF.
This is completely against the Terms of Service and as such will always carry a ban risk.
This has been pretty decently tested now and should be issue free.
I won't be doing anything for the JP version.


1. Open the RAR file with something like 7zip.
2. Extract English Patch.exe into a folder.
3. Run it.
4. Run and login to MHF as usual.
5. Let the launcher check files and update
6. After the jingle when your character's name appears, hit enter or type your mode and hit enter
7. Your game's in English.
8. Close it after you close MHF to clean up.

Intended Features

All Menus 1 90%
All Equipment Stats 100%
All Armour Skills 100%
All Decoration and Cuff Names 100%
All Monsters Names Translated 2 100%
All Common Item Names 3 90%

1 Every standard menu is done. The remaining will be slowly or never translated.
2 Some quest objectives cannot be translated with this patch method, so none are being done.
3 Several names are still messy and various mats also still need to be translated at all.

Missing Features

A large number of quest objectives cannot be translated as the server sends them in Chinese.
Flavour text and dialogue is not getting translated.
I'm not touching armours because there's like 10,000 of the things.
I haven't touched devil nightmare maze that is material look up at the smith.

Modded Features

For the sake of flow, the patch also modifies a number of gameplay elements and provides an optional challenge mode for a post-game.
The Normal Store has a huge number of consumables and materials that are otherwise unavailable.
The Combiner has tickets for Gacha and Premium Kit armours that players can no longer purchase.
The Blacksmith has extra options for various time and intense grind gated decorations including Raviente ones for Determination.
Transmogs can all be unlocked by grinding GR800 zeniths (including some never released properly on TW).
Cat Partnyaa equipment is all easy to acquire instead of a sanity destroying Saw movie puzzle.
Early HR and G Rank equipment is much cheaper material wise and actually worth upgrading now.
Event Weapons that have not repeated (and likely won't) are available by fishing instead.
Tower Decorations are made with just Duremudira carve items.
Caravan Gem requires very few colours and costs very little CP to be upgraded.
Raviente Weapons have a better upgrade curve and moderately lowered point costs.
GR800 Zeniths can have their carves converted into Raviente Gg Gems.
Tickets for Premium Pugi Cuffs are able to be purchased on the Combiner.
Premium Cuffs can be used with Standard Outfits.

It should go without saying that if you abuse the modded features and you get reported by the local populace you are likely to get purged.

Unlimited Mode

TW never saw the release of the rather lacklustre "UL Mode" that JP got in the ZZ update cycle, so I made it myself.
Type "unlimited" in the command window that pops up for the patch and UL mode will be toggled on.
All monsters have greatly increased attack, health and resistance to being staggered and are aimed at users of endgame determination sets. Many actions are also faster.
Most GR monsters now have an 12% or so UL Carve that can be used to create the broken TW P2W decorations.
Exotic monsters drop their Mantle equivalent from carves at 15% to enable crafting of Premium pieces easier.
Normal HR5 Taikun has been balanced to be a challenge monster and provides a way to get extra Gg and Musou Decorations.
Supremacy Monsters are also balanced to be a challenge monster and provides a way to get extra Gg and TW Gacha Armours.
GR800 Zeniths are buffed moderately and are also used in getting TW Gacha Armours.
This will not function properly with players who do not have UL Mode enabled as it is a client side mod.

Baby Limited Mode

It's unlimited without the extra materials or attack. This is literally just so people can have more fun doing easy content with people who can't run the patch. Stop overthinking it.

Private Servers Still Aren't Happening

If you or someone you know personally is able to (and willing to) bypass gameguard and help enabling the dumping of decrypted packets, please get in touch via Discord (Fist#2374).