Current version: 202006190044

2020/04/21 Update 2
Fixed ammo pouch once again.
Diva Defense skills translated, Fist UL stats added for later.
Second pass on road stats; ramped down attack curves, ramped up stagger res and HP.
Updated to current translations, added a number of misc menu and GUI element translations.
Server side road has a heavier randomisation pass.

2020/04/23 Update
Another pass on road stats, lower attack higher stagger.
Road is now properly randomised server side which means solo road was fully excised. I imagine it will crash now.

2020/04/23 Update
Another pass on road stats.
Updated all translations.
Ecology translations added.
Server side road has more shaping applied to try and even out duo composition by intended floor difficulty and no longer has gougarfs or orugarons outside of as duos.